"Bumper Solutions solved my problem. It only cost a fraction of what the body shop quoted me for the repair. Plus, I did not have to leave my car at the body shop for days. They came to my office and fixed my problem."

Eden M. - Redondo Beach, CA
"Bumper Solutions fixed my car while I watched a movie. When I came out my car was back to its original perfect condition. I fell in love with my car again."

Toni K. - Torrance, CA

"I was amazed of how they matched the color of my car. I could not even tell where that damaged was. The whole bumper looks great. It is like driving a new car again."

Tanya M. - Santa Ana, CA

"I never thought a body shop on wheels could perform such a task. The hole on my bumper disappeared in a few hours. I thought I would have to buy a new bumper. I can afford to look at my bumper again without feeling sad."

Shirley S. - Santa Monica, CA